On March 6, 2017, NSC Technologies, LLC informed employees that they were a victim of an email spoofing attack that compromised employee personal information. The notice states that on March 2, 2017, the an on-line hacker posed as NSC’s CEO and emailed the company’s payroll department, requesting that copies of employee W-2 forms be sent to him. Copies of the W-2 forms were sent to the hacker before the payroll department figured out that it was a spoofing attack.

Read the Notice NSC Technologies sent to Employees

What information was compromised?

A file that included a copy of each of employee W-2 form from 2016 was sent in response to the fraudulent email. An IRS Tax Form W-2 includes the following information:

  1. Employee Name
  2. Employee Address
  3. Employee Social Security Number
  4. Employee wage information


Hackers use stolen personal information in a variety of ways. These may be indicators that your information has been compromised:

  • Unauthorized charges to a credit card or bank account
  • Mail for an unknown credit card or store charge account
  • Collection notices or calls for a debt that you don’t owe
  • Errors on your credit report, including inquires from businesses you don’t recognize
  • Being denied for credit, even though you have good credit
  • Your electronically filed tax return is rejected
  • You are required to prove your identity to the IRS in person to complete the submission of your income tax return


The Hannon Law Firm can help if your personal, confidential information has been breached by hackers. The Hannon Law Firm is currently serving as liaison counsel in the National Chipotle Data Breach class action. HLF filed the only class action against Equifax in the State of Colorado for the breach of 143 million American’s personal information. We proudly serve clients nationally.

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