Skilled Brain Injury Lawyers

Prosecuting Brain Injury Cases in Colorado

Brain injuries can be difficult to prove. Because obvious proof often does not appear in initial medical tests, insurance companies, and defense lawyers generally argue these brain injuries do not exist. However, at The Hannon Law Firm, LLC, we know brain injuries are all too real and can cause significant harm to the injured and their families.

At our firm, we represent individuals who have suffered brain injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence regardless of the type of accident or exposure. Our personal injury attorneys understand the immediate and long-term issues caused by these injuries. Since 1988, we have been working on behalf of injured people in the Denver area.

Identifying a Brain Injury

Brain injuries often occur as a result of car accidents, slip and fall injuries, sports accidents and other incidents. Symptoms can include:

  • Memory loss
  • Impulsive behavior or anger
  • Impaired perception
  • Decreased concentration
  • Change in taste, smell, or sensitivity to light

The first signs of brain injury may appear immediately after an accident. However, it may take weeks or even months for the effects of brain injury to be recognized. Because brain injuries can be serious and have lasting impacts, it is critical that you seek prompt medical treatment following an accident.

Experienced Brain Injury Representation

Our attorneys have received training in the mechanisms of injury, care, and treatment of brain injuries, as well as the economic needs of the injured. Understanding the science involved in these cases, our firm consults with relevant medical experts and presents cases with a sophisticated presentation.

Whenever possible, we will negotiate a fair settlement, setting up a trust to protect the award, if appropriate. If your case is best served by going to trial, we will use our extensive litigation skills on your behalf. Please visit our brain and spinal cord injury verdicts and settlements page for information about our successful results.

Our ultimate goal is to hold the at-fault party liable for his or her actions. While monetary compensation will not erase your pain and suffering, it can go a long way toward easing the financial pressure of medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

Serious Legal Counsel for Serious Injuries

If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury, we can help. Contact us online or call us at 303-861-8800 or 888-868-8855 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our firm maintains offices in Denver and serves clients all over the United States.